Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crunch time has begun.

In about 8 days I need to have the second prom dress finished.  It's always the garments that you think will be the easiest that end up being the most time consuming.  I am in the preliminary stages of the dress.  I had my first fit on Monday, it went alright, I was able to go home and sew the bust part of the dress in final fabric.  The skirt portion however is going to be a lot harder than I imagined.  I am making a size 24 dress, which is hard to do without a form in that size and without a live model at my beck and call.  I have another fit for the skirt tomorrow night and hopefully will be able to make all the corrections I need so that I can proceed to cutting the final fabric.  

Once I am able to cut the skirt portion of the dress in final fabric everything should be pretty smooth sailing from there (always however, leaving time for things to go wrong).  

The picture below is the top portion of the dress prior to having the straps, waistband and skirt attached. 

I clearly have a lot more work to do, so rather than keep writing about it I am getting back to sewing.

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