Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cutlery for Dogs

This winter I was searching at dog stores all over the city and burbs for a jacket to fit Padma.  Clearly, that did not work out.  I can't even begin to explain how ugly and overpriced the jackets that fit her were.  It would be animal cruelty to put her in something horrible.  I decided to go fabric shopping and make her a Cutlery coat.
Living in Old City is great, everyone has a dog.  I got stopped by so many people asking about her dog coat and where I got it.  When I told them I made it for her everyone wanted one.   So that's when I decided I needed to start making them to sell for next winter.  This summer once prom dress season is over it's onto focusing on Cutlery for dogs and Cutlery for men.  I plan on having about 50 dog jackets ready in all sizes by October.  
Here are the two jackets I made for Candi this past winter.  Cutlery will be located in Philadelphia and in Jacksonville and Gainesville, FL by next winter!  
So if you have a dog let me know and I will gladly make your dog the talk of the town!

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