Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who doesn't love wine...

My cousin got married this summer and I got them 6 bottles of wine and a blind wine tasting game for couples. I love personalized gifts so I found 6 fabrics that go with white and red wine. Wine covers are the most simple thing to make, I really feel everyone should learn how to because they personalize the standard bottle of wine gift and they are green (reusable!)

A day at the Shuk.

On my trip to Israel this past December I ate some of the most incredible produce I've ever had, and if you know me, you know my life revolves around food and I travel to eat basically, in other words, TRUST ME!

Below are a few pictures I took from inside the Shuk in Jerusalem... such an amazingly inspiring place.

Below is the inside of the Shuk in Jerusalem

This is the most amazing bakery right next to the Shuk called Marzipan... a place you must stop at when in Jerusalem

The only negative about being at this amazing place was that I had no kitchen to cook or bake in!!! I was freaking out, all I wanted to do was prepare a meal for friends and I wasn't able to.

Baby clothes!

I apologize for the photographs, at the time in my life when I made all of these I was using my phone's camera since my dog had eaten my real one... but stay tuned because I now have an amazing camera!

Here are some bibs and shorts I made for a friends baby boy and then PJ designed the onesie.